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Rhona and Simon Photos 2001

Rhona looking sexy in London

Rhona in London. What a smile!!!

Rhona, looking good in leather with our Lotus Esprit V8

Feel free to carry on Browsing Rhona and Simon's photos from 2001 below.  We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we had whilst taking them.  Best regards, Rhona and Simon.











Rhona and Simon Photos 2001

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Kuwait, Arabian Gulf

The first Photos are of the British Embassy in Kuwait on Thursday May 3rd 2001.

It was the May Ball and Rhona was invited because she was the Manageress of Miss Selfridge

I was just her guest!!!


Here's a dinner party just for Rhona and Simon in our apartment in Kuwait


Brighton, UK

Shortly after the Embassy Ball, after much persuasion at the British Embassy in Kuwait, we managed to get Rhona a visa for the UK.  I had a meeting with Circle UK in Brighton, so of course we stayed in the Grand (and as luck would have it, upgraded to a suite!!)


London, UK

Miss Selfridge AT Miss Selfridge

We were so excited to go there, we did all the London sights....


and bars...

Meet Sexy Girls



Devon, UK

Then to Lynton in Devon


later on in the autumn, after I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease and an aneurysm on the brain, we visited Harley St. London to consult specialists,


but of course we went to Wales as well...

Wales, UK


and The Cotswolds


and Newquay (in the Lotus Esprit of course)


and a quick stop in our favourite place, Lynton Cottage Hotel before going back to the Airport the next day


Kuwait, Arabian Gulf


Christmas 2001 at our apartment in Kuwait

































































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